Connection ScanBoost your teams performance

Communication affects performance. If we improve communication we increase organisational performance.

But communication patterns are complex and invisible. And we cant change what we cant see.

Welcome to Connection Scan a unique and powerful diagnostic tool that reveals patterns between people in a team, a department, or even a whole organisation. Looking like an MRI scan, it produces an accurate visual picture of how people really connect with each other.

To develop your team, department or your whole organisation, get your inside information on communication with Connection Scan and improve your performance.

Connection Scan creates an accurate visualisation of communication patterns in a team. It enables you, for the first time, to see how communication across your team really works, taking into account everybodys perspective. Only once these hidden patterns have been revealed can a team find ways to improve communication and performance.

Foundation for team performance

Communication patterns are the most important factor in team performance. How much communication energy is there in your team? Who is engaged and who is marginalised? Who team members communicate with and how frequently is the foundation for team performance. Connection Scan enables you to see the patterns of current communication in a team, to evaluate their effectiveness together with the team and come to agreements on where and how to improve them.

Politics, cliques and conflicts

Communication patterns reveal sub-groups within a team, which adversely affect performance and in some circumstances can be a cause of tension or conflict. Understanding sub-groups and having a visualisation than enable you to discuss the reason for their existence, their impact and usefulness gives you a springboard for change. Teams are better able to address issues of politics, cliques, inclusion, commitment, accountability and trust.

Connection Scan builds on research

Seven years of ground-breaking, award winning, research at MIT has shown that communication patterns are the single most important variable in team performance and are in fact more important than skill, intelligence and other factors combined that go into building a team. *

*Harvard Business Review, the New Science of Building Great Teams, April 2012.

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