Companies invest in the training of employees to be better equipped for future. By delivering competent employees effective trainings work in two directions: firstly, they are important preconditions to achieve business objectives, secondly they promote employees’ success, and consequently their job satisfaction.

Effective training courses translate strategy into competencies, while connecting with participants’ needs and competence levels. Frontline staff, for example, in the face of the customer need to find the right balance between business interests and customer satisfaction. They need to be equipped to come to the right conclusion in a split second.

For such cases, we develop decision trees and integrate them into the training. For maximum results, we design courses for the workplace with three main aspects:

  • They connect the business strategy and daily practice
  • They provide practical systems and reference points for the shop floor to make a rational consideration in a given situation to balance business interests and customer needs
  • They provide the skills and competencies needed for high performance.

Al in all, our training programmes increase productivity, quality and retention.

For internal training delivered by proprietary trainers, we provide training for trainers. These enable trainers to effectively train competencies.