Development is a journey towards a destination which is expected to be better than the departure point.

Development therefore requires moving from the known towards the (as yet) unknown (and perhaps unpopular).
Such change affects our comfort zone. Hence, organisational change often creates resistance!

On the other hand we can say that people embrace change. The human species has survived through constant adaptation. Indeed, evolution and continuous change are major, if not the biggest strengths of mankind; we humans constantly adapt to changing circumstances – or even initiate them. In fact, a big part of our satisfaction in life comes from changes we realise, albeit in ourselves or our environment.

To make people take part in the journey we address their capacity for change so it is them who develop the organisation into the desired direction. Using a number of proven tools and techniques, we stimulate reflection and action with regard to their responsibilities, goals, relationships and (im) possibilities. This engagement creates a perspective and releases the tacit qualities needed to develop the organisation. The organisation’s and its employees’ development go hand in hand. Exactly what we need for successful change.

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