our principles

We work from a positive approach. We believe in the uniqueness and potential of people and groups. Such an approach creates the space for development and growth at all levels: individual, team and organisation.

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As development always happens in relation to the environment, context and ‘the system’ deserve special attention.

The conviction that people want to make a meaningful contribution to their environment and organisation has a central place in our approach. In our opinion, living and learning go together. It is development that makes life interesting.

Diversity plays an important role. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Diversity is the engine behind development, creativity and innovation.

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our approach

As the belief in the meaningfulness of the job contributes to the satisfaction of doing it, we are always looking for the relationship between motivation and competence. For maximum impact we connect with everyone's possibilities and work from there.

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Our tools and techniques generate initiative, interaction and engagement. Our efforts are directed at creating motion in people and organisations.

We do not bring solutions from the outside, but seek to let them evolve from within. Solutions which are self-generated and have ownership are the best guarantee for agility and sustainable change.

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our field

Beyond the Netherlands, the rest of the world is our arena. Our outstanding network of independent peers makes it possible to provide the right expertise at low cost. In addition, our connections provide worldwide access to local know-how.

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